Wiz Chemicals, founded in 1983, in Legnano, 20km north of Milan produces chemical additives for the impregnation processes. The main reason Wiz has dominated the global markets is its 100% automated production system.                                                                                                                                                


Founded in 1983 Wiz chemicals, Located to the north 20km from Milan in Legnano is continuing production at its new plant fully engaged in the production automation system.It is producing separators and fluidity enhancing products, hardeners, catalytic inhibitors, wetting agents, additives that enhance flexibility, anti-bacterial additives, various additives for the production of flame-retardant additives and plastics.

In 1998 WIZ chemicals received the ISO 9002 quality certification.

The company’s Mıcrobiology department, Italy Ministry of Health in food quality control laboratories List GPL 88/320 / CCE according to the guidelines, officially recognized, has been awarded the ISO 9002 quality certification.

ALTON additives:

Impregnation additives for Melamine, Urea and Fenolic resin :

  • Wetting
  • Spreader
  • Separator
  • Anti-block, and Wetting / Separator multifunctional additives
  • CPL (Continuous Production) for additives
  • Hardeners
  • Flexibility donor contributions
  • Pollination Eliminators/li>
  • TiO2 Emulsions

MDF, Chipboard additives:

  • Separators for spraying units
  • Wetting / Fluency Enhancement Products
  • Band / Press remain clean plates Powered Additives

SMC and BMC additives:

PARANOR – Magnesium oxide and hydroxide-based thickeners.

PARANOR, produced by WIZ chemicals is magnesium oxide and hydroxide based and it is the common name for many thickening products for SMC and BMC materials. The use of these products allows easier dosing and thickness control formulations. By careful selection of raw materials, quality and production methods, there will be no difference between production batches and it will provide more stable and less reactive cake usage.

As a carrier, which do not contain monomers, unsaturated polyester resins are used. The changes in PARANOR cake like Viscosity,reactivity and active ingredient are made according to customer’s request.

Available PARANOR types:

Contains approximately 25% magnesium oxide, semi-reactive standard product.

Same as above, but with lower viscosity.

Contains about 35% magnesium oxide, semi-reactive product.

Same as above, but with lower viscosity.

Containing about 35% magnesium oxide, in the begining medium / high reactivity but mormally reactive cake at the end of the process

Containing about 35% magnesium oxide, in the beginning it is highly reactive but the result is medium reactive cake.

The contents as above but with 50% magnesium oxide.

Contains about 35% magnesium oxide, low reactive product.

PBQ – Polymerization holder and antioxidants.

PBQ products,in SMC and BMC applications, are used as polymerization liquid holder benzoquinone solution.
WIZ chemicals use the appropriate technology for the usage of toxic powder materials and dosage according to the current health, safety and environmental regulations. Customers should know that all the environmental and external factors are protected as required.
The formulations to be used in determining the amount of actual need and the solution stability are determined by analytical methods, so that the customer can easily determine the appropriate amount.
Many PBQ and solvent systems having different concentrations are as follows:

PBQ 100 / PBQ 955 / PBQ 6410 / PBQ 7310 / PBQ 8110 / PBQ 9010

Stock solutions of different solvents are available on request.

ATP – Low profile and low take-up additives.

They produced according to customer requirements.

Plastic Separator and Fluidity Provider additives:

SOREX – Water-based, is an external mold release additive.

For obtaining the best results, molds should not contain other separators and should be clean.The application on hot or cold molds can be done by brushing or spraying.

Spraying method is faster, more homogeneous and more uniform.

Normally it is possible to use multiple times with only one application of the product. Some of these products provided better results by applying in the form of polishing.

SORIN – internal separator for the SMC class A and BMC metallization

Thermoplastic Resins: it is possible to use by applying to the resin, granulation or direct into pellets. Additive amounts are between 0.03% to 1%. The optimum amount must be found by trial and error.

Thermoset Resins: The product is used before addition of the catalyst or in the final stage of production, 0.2% to 1% may be added.

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