Main Scope of Business

China Foma is a large enterprise which is committed to special equipment R&D and manufacture in China, it is a chairman unit of China Forestry Machinery Association. The company has 3 main businesses “power equipment, forestry equipment, engineering and trade”, and within a few decades, it has accumulated abundant production and operation experiences for power machinery, wood-based panel machinery, etc., boosting the leading technologies in China. It has been honored by China Quality Association User Committee as “National Customer Satisfactory Product”. Products are exported to the United States, Canada, Japan, Europe, Southeast Asia, over 130 countries and regions, enjoying a high reputation in the market. Since the “Twelfth Five Year Plan”, and it has been vigorously promoting the “green energy development” projects, and has built many large-scale ground photovoltaic power stations in Ningxia, Jiangsu, Hebei, Gansu and other provinces; it has joined in the efforts for desertification control of the western region, and has built and owned Ningxia Zhenqi 30MW ground photovoltaic power plant, which has made due contributions for the regional development. In recent years, it has been involved in the R&D and manufacture fields for new energy automobiles, and through explorations it has built up its strengths in R&D, manufacture and sales for new energy automobiles.

Product Portfolio

Continuous Presses

The 4’, 6’, 8’ and 9’ series continuous presses developed by China Foma are able to satisfy MDF, PB, OSB and various kinds of boards meeting the production process requirements for different specifications. In order to meet the market oriented demand, through continuous technological innovations, the continuous press of China Foma has formed its own characteristics: 1) entry end of flexible adjustment with independent intellectual property rights; 2) super high pressure section setting that facilitates the process adjustment; 3) channel design of isothermal resistance hot pressboard media; 4) short interface hot pressboard connection mode for reducing the temperature; 5) moving structure of bi-directional thermal expansion frame; 6) structure design of minimal bending deformation of steel strip; 7) online adjustment centering device of chain blanket roll; 8) waste fume separation and processing system of high efficiency and low energy consumption.


We developed our own MDF/HDF line by digesting mature technology from outside. We use international famous brand electirc components and hydraulic components in our MDF/HDF line. The capacity of our MDF/HDF ranges from 130cbm/d to 350cbm/d. The MDF/HDF boards with density from 650kg/m3 to 880kg/m3 are made of wood fibers or plant fibers which are glued and pressed under temperature and pressure. It has fine surface and uniform core layer. The face and edge can be deeply processed. As a repalcement for precious solid wood, the MDF/HDF boards are widely used in furniture industry. The MDF/HDF line consists of chips preparation section, fiber preparation section, drying section, glue dosing section, forming section, hot press section, masterboard handling section, sanding section, etc.

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Particle Board Production Lines

The particle board is made from logs, branches, wood waste, agriculture waste, etc. These raw material are uniformly formed and pressed after being mixed with glue. As a substitute for natural wood, the particle board has features as fine surface, classification structure, high bending resistance, etc. It is widely used in furniture, construction, packing, etc.

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Sanding Lines

The function of the sanding machine is to achieve even board thickness and smooth surface quality by sanding the board with sanding belt of certain grit. The board after sanding can be used for value-added processing.

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Cut-to-Size (CTS) Lines

The cut-to-size (CTS) line is specially designed to cut the master board mainly from continuous press line into finished board with multiple size. The CTS line consists of longitudinal servo feeder, longitudinal book saw, board discharger, transversal servo feeder, transversal book saw, transversal book discharger, stacker, hydraulic lifter, forklift roller, cover board conveyor, edge transportation system, and electric control system. The auxiliary system, such as de-dusting system, compressed air distribution system, safety fence, operation room, etc. are prepared by the buyer.

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The BM series refiner from our company is the key machine for the HDF/MDF production line and pulp and paper industry. After years of constant innovation and improvement, we have formed six series with segment size of 42inch, 44inch, 48inch, 50 inch, 54inch, and 58inch, satisfying the annual capacity of MDF/HDF production from 50000cbm to 200000cbm. We are leading the technology improvement of refiner in China and keep pace with the advanced technology worldwide

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Knife Ring Flakers

The knife-ring flaker is the key equipment for production particle board. It can produce qualified flakers from wood chips, bamboo chips, veneer waste, etc.. The knife-ring flaker from our company has generated four series with ring diameter ranging from φ600 to φ1400mm. We are the leading player for knife-ring flaker in China. The technology is catching up with the most advanced one worldwide. The newly developed BX4614/5 knife-ring flaker is the one with highest capacity in China. The machine is featured by the advanced technology, compact structure, high reliability, and give stable and qualified flakers. It is a good substitute for imported similar product, and it is the wise option for the production line with large and medium-sized capacity.

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Forming Machines

The mechanical classi-forming machine consists of two surface forming station and one core forming station. The mat is formed in classification structure in the mechanical forming machine. The two surface forming station is installed at the two ends of the flakers flow with one at the flow beginning to form bottom face layer and the other one at the flow end to form upper face layer. The glued surface flakers are distributed to the two belt conveyors and then come to the surface forming bin via the swing feeding screw conveyor. The core forming station is located in between the two surface forming station. The glued core flakers go to the core forming bin via swing feeding screw conveyor. The mat with classification structure is formed after the flakers flow goes through the mechanical classi-forming machine.

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Three-pass Dryers

The function of three-pass dryer is to achieve required moisture content of dried flakers. The flue gas coming out from the combustion chamber flows to the mixing chamber where the flue gas is mixed with fresh air by proportion to reach certain temperature required by the process control. The flue gas, after going through the multi-cyclone filter, is blew into the core of the drying drum. The flakers are mixed with the flue gas to achieve heat transfer and the moisture of the flakers are evaporated during the flow of flakers. The flakers are floating through the three passing chamber and leave the drying drum with required certain moisture content. The dry flakers are dropped to the downstream process by the rotary discharger under the main cyclone. The exhaust, after going through the multi-cyclone, is partly going to the air via chimney, and partly recycled to the mixing chamber before the dryer feeding. The heat efficiency is improved with the recycling of the exhaust partly.

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Rotor Dryers

The rotor dryer is to achieve dry flakers with certain moisture content decided by process control. The design of the themal oil tube inside the dryer has a feature of quick heat transfer and uniform heating. It is suitbale for different types of flakers. The rotor dryer has efficient heat transfer performance due to the design of radiation and convertion combined functioning of thermal oil. It is easy for installation. The low temperature reduces the chance of catching fire.

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Hot Presses

The function of hot press is pressing the mat after pre-press to master board under regulation of pressure and temperature. The main feature of our hot press is as below: 1.The hot press works together with loader and unloader under the driving/control of hydraulic system and electric control system. The loading-press-unloading process can be fully automatic or by manual. 2. The synchronous closing system with spring compensation design makes the closing more stable and easy maintenance. 3. The massive use of cartridge valve in our hydraulic system has the benefits of compact structure, reliable and less-resistance oil flow, quick response, low noise, etc. 4. The electric control system with Profi-bus design and PLC program make the control system more automatic and easy operation.

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Disc Chipper

The Company’s disc chipper is the key equipment to produce high-quality wood chips. We have the complete coverage with 9 series for disc diameter ranging from φ600 to φ2700mm. We are leading the technology innovation in China and keep pace with advanced technology worldwide. Our disc chipper can fully work as an alternative for imported machine. The disc chipper has features of compact structure, easy operation, high capacity, super-quality chips, low consumption, etc. Different chips length can be achieved to meet the different application in PB, MDF/HDF, and pulp-and-paper industry.

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The continuous pre-press is to press the mat after forming so that the air inside the mat shall be pressed out partly and the strength of mat shall be increased.

Star Cooler

The star cooler is to cool down the board from the hot press. It is the machine in the raw board handling section in MDF/HDF continuous press with 8ft and 2500mm in press width for the manufacturing of door skin board.

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The re-chipping machine is widely used in wood-based-panel industry. The drum re-chipper is functioned by the knives while the hammer re-chipper is functioned by the hammers. The drum re-chipper, BX326, BX328, is specially designed to cut the oversize chips from sawmill factory to smaller size chips.

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The debarking line supplied by our company can satisfy the MDF/HDF production line with an annual capacity of 100,000 to 400,000 cm3, and satisfy the paper-making industry with an annual capacity of 100000-300000 tons pulp or large-scale production for wood chips. The whole debarking line has the advantages of advanced design, sophisticated manufacturing, compact and reasonable structure, high debarking rate, large capacity, low energy consumption, etc. It becomes the wise option for players in wood-based-panel industry and pulp–paper industry.

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The rectangular screen is used to classify the mixed chips into different catalogue by different mesh size installed in the screen box. It is widely used in wood-based-panel industry and paper industry.

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Drum Chipper

The drum chipper is the key machine for producing high-quality wood chips. The Company is responsible for developing the national and industrial standards about the product. We have the complete coverage for different capacity with drum diameters ranging from φ300 to φ2000mm. The drum chipper from our company has reached the international market standard and work as alternative for imported one. The drum chipper has been widely used in the wood based panel industry and paper industry both in China and beyond due to its stable quality and outstanding performance.

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Base Board Line

1.The clamp-design of feeding system and vacuum sucking for board stacking makes the board feeding to the press and board discharging from the press happen at the same time. The sucking plates installed along the side of the press come inside the press when the press is opening. It reduces the time for the board inside the press under the function of temperature but without pressure. 2.We apply proportional valve and high-pressure accumulator in the hydraulic system which can achieve quick close of press with less impact. 3.The feeding and stacking system are servo-controlled which can guarantee the positioning precision and less vibration; 4.The closing guiding system applies the combination of mechanical and hydraulic driving which makes smooth close and open of press and improve the lifetime of functioning components.

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Mill Machine

The oversize flakers are milled into fine flakers by the double-stream miller. The fine flakers from the double-stream miller can be used as face layer flakers for particle board. The double-stream miller mainly consists of base frame, milling ring, impeller, vibrating feeder, magnet, heavy particles separator, etc. We have 5 models with ring diameter from φ600mm to φ1500mm.

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