Mingke, founded in 2012, is a high-tech enterprise. We supply high strength steel belts and steel belt services for wood based panel continuous presses (double belt press, Mende press and single opening press). Mingke steel belt consists of imported top quality steel material in combination with European belt technology and knowhow. We have professional belt […]

China Foma Group

Main Scope of Business China Foma is a large enterprise which is committed to special equipment R&D and manufacture in China, it is a chairman unit of China Forestry Machinery Association. The company has 3 main businesses “power equipment, forestry equipment, engineering and trade”, and within a few decades, it has accumulated abundant production and […]

WIZ Chemicals S.p.A.

Wiz Chemicals, founded in 1983, in Legnano, 20km north of Milan produces chemical additives for the impregnation processes. The main reason Wiz has dominated the global markets is its 100% automated production system.                                                                                         […]

Held Technologie GmbH

High-pressure laminate professional, Rheda-Wiedenbrück resident Northwest German company decided to take a share of the profits of the continuous production line . Our company Held Technologie GmbH in mid-2006 set up isobaric high pressure laminate press line in Trossingen. Since 1975, we have designed and customized presses and have established production centers. We specialize on […]