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Sesa was founded in Italy, at the beginning of laminate era, in 1950, and became a world-renowned brand on finish plates without lines like “Mirror” (high-gloss) and “Mat”.


Sesa S.p.A.


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At the beginning of laminate era, founded in 1950, and became a world-renowned brand on finish plates without lines like Mirror (high-gloss) and Mat.

Later, technological developments continued to progress with the emergence of the textured finishes like Pearl, Ashwood ve Uniwood.

To maintain high quality standards in 1990, Sesa has built its own chrome-plating pool and in the following years as well Sesa continued to invest in new technologies for production and quality.

Always engaged in research for new surface textures, in 1998 Sesa developed a new finish and gave the name Embossed In Register(E.I.R.), which was first introduced in the Surfaces Fair in 1999. The success of Embossed in Register finishes continues since then and has never ended. This success peaked with the development of the first prototype of M.E.I.R (Embossed in Register for melamine). This technology is the highest point of melamine plate applications. The sense of reality obtained by this technology makes it almost impossible to distinguish a chipboard plate from a wood veneer plate. In 2007, Sesa opened their new Graphics Department, for the development of new collections and has continuously refreshed classical finishes.

Sesa works with the customers to produce the optimal finish according to their demands and advices them to achieve the most realistic and detailed finish.

Sesa, in accordance to company profile, is constantly in pursuit of updating their technological equipment. The product range has expanded and machines used for press plates production are completely renovated. All these developments are the guarantee of Sesa’s service quality and competitiveness in the world market.

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